Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I suffered for years from Migraines and pain in my TMJ. I went to several dentists and oral surgeons in WA state. Finally I was referred to Dr. Malmquist. When I met him I could barely open my mouth to fit my pinky in it and the pain was almost debilitating. He spent time reviewing my diagnosis, answering questions about the surgical procedure I would have. I did not need to think twice, I trusted him and knew he would help me. His financial planner in his office helped with my insurance issues, although ultimately my insurance denied the procedure after several appeals - it was money well spent! I had my TMJ surgery July of 2015. I have not had a migraine since then, I have no bells palsy, very minimal scarring, the range of motion of my jaw is great and I can open my mouth 32 mm. Most importantly; my life is so much better with no pain.

- Leticia V

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