Bone Proteins for Grafting

The Science of Bone Proteins rhBMP-2

Bone Grafting Without Major Surgery

Within the last ten years the concepts of bone grafting have been dramatically changed forever by the advent of recombinant protein therapy. Science has now identified specific factors in the transformation of stem cells into bone-forming cells.

Early in 1965 the concept of bone transformation from stem cells was identified by Dr. M. Urist. Since then a steady progression of science has lead to the ability of the clinician to predictably grow bone in deficient sites. Today, we have the technology to replace tissue with regenerative products. The most common of these is BMP-2 (INFUSE). This commercially available product will convert stem cells into bone cells. First cleared by the FDA for orthopedic use in 2002, it was released in 2007 for maxillofacial surgery. The advantage of this procedure is that it will provide the patient with predictable new bone tissue without a second site surgery or the use of other bone substitute products. For the first time a patient can heal a major defect without a second site additional surgery.

This procedure is now available for major and minor defects in our clinic. It carries few side effects other than swelling and can be administered under local anesthesia. In the treatment of implant defects, grafting is a major concern and often a reason for an unacceptable result. INFUSE produced and sold by Medtronics Corporation can reverse many of these serious defects.

Finally, imagine being able to direct ones own tissue to heal a major defect with the use of human purified protein through genetic engineering. Look below at the change in the bone contour of this patient to see the powerful nature of this new patient. While this treatment is not unique to our clinic, we had the fortunate ability to be part of the original clinical research team for BMP-2 (INFUSE). More than 14 years of experience with this new technology offers our clinic as a dedicated team of experts. Ask about how this might work for your implant treatment.

Alveolar Ridge Preservation with BMP-2 | Goal: Restore height & width of ridge for dental restoration